Employee Discounts


Everyone likes to save a little money. As a Best Buy employee, you are eligible to buy most Best Buy products and services at a reduced cost.

Employee Discount

The Best Buy Employee Discount is a benefit extended to our employees that enables you to purchase products and services at Best Buy retail stores at a reduced cost. You can start using the discount after 30 days of continuous employment. The 30-day waiting period is waived for employee purchases beginning November 20 and ending on December 31 each year.

  • The discount is designed just for you as a Best Buy employee. Friends and family members* are not eligible to receive your employee discount or reimburse you for any item you purchased using your employee discount.
  • For services, the IRS considers anything greater than a 20% discount as taxable income. Therefore, you will be taxed on the difference between the 20% off price and the 5% above-cost EE Discount price. This amount will appear as Merch Rcvd on your pay statement.
  • The discount covers a long list of products and services.
  • Violation of the Employee Discount Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

To learn more, visit MY HR and do a keyword search for Employee Discount.

*Your spouse/domestic partner and your dependents under the age of 23 are eligible to receive the benefit of your employee discount for their personal use. You must be present at the time of purchase and make the purchase for them.

Employee Accommodations

There are a wide variety of accommodation programs available for you and your store to take part in. This includes great discounts on devices to help you get started on your journey to better health!

To learn more, go to ETK and look for Employee Accommodations.

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